Badger Calls About the Wrong Fabric

Well, he would call wouldn’t he? Badger is an aggressive little guy, charging through life, never backing down.


He received a fabric order yesterday, and had a quick look, but didn’t have time to sort through it properly. Today he took his check list and carefully went through the order, until he got to the piece of toile. Oh toile, be still my excitable heart, it was navy and white and oh so wonderfully delicious, and he pulled it out (firmly with his masculine energy) and said “This doesn’t look right” because it was brown and beige teensy leaves and not toile at all. OH NO, not that, not brown, not beige with little bits of black. Nooooooo…..!!!!!

Heaving slightly, he staggered off to check online and see what horrible abomination of fabric this was instead of the toile he had ordered. You can see by the card, the vortex of panic and confusion he was in.

Pull yourself together Badge!!! Get on that phone and call customer service.

It’s okay, with determination and strength he made the call and they are sending the right fabric. The wrong fabric he can keep because it would cost them more in shipping. And truthfully, the brown and beige fabric could be used on the back of an old quilt he’s been meaning to finish. A nudge from the Universe that projects need to be completed.

I like Badgers.




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