Wear Fuchsia, Drink Good Stuff, Sit Properly



Another timely card as I’ve got numbness in my feet and edema which usually means the blood sugar and blood pressure are up. Time to sort that out permanently. Like everything else it can be done but I have to decide to pay attention and practice.

I finished the quilted tote bag I made to go with the baby quilt, but even with the new table I am having trouble at the sewing machine. Then I thought of getting a drafting chair, which rises higher than a regular office task chair. I think it’s going to solve the problem because one of the reviews mentioned that she used the chair for quilting, so I ordered one from Staples with free delivery. It should be here this week. A good solution for a perennial problem!

Unfortunately it’s black upholstery, they don’t make them in fuchsia. You can’t have everything.





2 thoughts on “Wear Fuchsia, Drink Good Stuff, Sit Properly

  1. It’s amazing the difference such simple things make: a good chair, tasty and healthy food, and colours that make you feel happy 😀 A warm yellow is my go-to happy colour 🙂

    • You’re a yellow person! I’m green all the way, yellow is one of my least favourite colours unless it’s paired with blue. Perhaps I like that because yellow and blue make green?

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