Taking Notice

I had a bad day this week where I was consumed by physical pain, it just overwhelmed me to the point that one day I sat around in my nightie all day, with dirty hair, hardly speaking, feeling really sorry for myself. Blah.

The next day I got up and laundered my sheets and nightie and had a shower and washed my hair, got dressed, took vitamins and tried to eat properly. Although sore, I managed to cut and sew a lining for a tote bag I am making to go with the baby quilt I am also trying to get finished. I interfaced it and put a magnetic snap in and attached two pockets, sewed it up and boxed the corners.

While I was doing that I received a mail packet of Liberty of London fabrics from one of my sisters. She had bought it on a recent trip and offered to send them to me for an appliqué project I bought a pattern for. She’d only mailed it the night before, yet it arrived the next day, which is rather unusual for Canada Post.

Here is Gus the pincushion admiring the fabrics. Oh yes Gus, they go so well with your colours, you must have a look.


There was another parcel in the mail which puzzled me. It was from a woman in Washington state who, seeing an avatar of mine featuring Dave the Minion, asked me if I liked Minions, and if so she would like to send me something. I agreed, thinking that this might be a postcard or something, and then this parcel arrived with a purse she had made for me with Minion fabric.


For me, a total stranger, out of the blue, and it came the day after I had zoned out, unable to cope with pain. I thought to myself: “The Universe is trying to tell me to keep going” and felt a bit better, a bit lighter in some way, more determined to keep active, to keep chipping away at happy projects.



This card is about taking notice of someone you have previously ignored because he/she will do or say something you’ve been waiting for. Everyone is capable of helping you heal and vice versa.

The odd thing about this card is the mirror-like quality of the figure, because she could be looking at another person or she could be looking at herself. There is noticing others but also helping yourself to heal. Mostly though the idea that someone is going to do something to help you heal seems to reflect my generous parcels.

Imagine that!




8 thoughts on “Taking Notice

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling supported by the Universe. I’m a Liberty fabric lover, too. Every couple of years I buy myself of a shirt made from their fabric. They last for ages and are so lovely-looking in that timeless way.

  2. Having dealt with Canada post on many occasions, I’m sure you should list that one day arrival under the heading of “miracles.” 😀
    Incredible pain can make me feel overwhelmed and isolated. I feel both guilty and angry at the same time. I’m so happy that these folks reached out through your mail box. It is helpful to remember we’re not alone, that others care about us, especially when we’re in those dark holes.

  3. What a really thoughtful thing to do from that woman in Washington – glad it helped at just the right moment. Having had many days similar to the one you described I can certainly understand just how you were feeling/felt.

    Keep on going!

  4. I found that touching. How very kind of that lady to send that bag. The world has some really thoughtful people in it. Minions sent to cheer you up!

    Love the card interpretation too. Reminds me of my own video draw today.

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