Goat, I See You

My latest ear worm is a song by Quebec band Dumas which can be heard underlying a new television commercial for Liberté Greek Yogurt. I had to look this up and found a snippet on YouTube with a link to an MP3 of the full song. It’s called Quand Je Te Vois  (When I See You.) I very much like the guitar in this.

I was trying to draw this week but it’s so cold in the basement I got the bright idea of making myself a pair of easy fingerless gloves. I’ve had them damp blocking for two days, so they should be ready to sew up today. I got two letters written and these gloves done but not much else.




Standing watch, no one gets in or out. I feel trapped in the house this week. We dropped the price of our house and had 4 viewings but then nothing. Clunk. The walls close in as Autumn cold seeps into my world.

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the day we met on a blind date, and we did little but sit in front of the television. I managed to get in a couple hours of respite alone reading a biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay in the living room, and I wrote a 4-page letter, but other then that, I felt like screaming: trapped, crushed, stasis.

One of the reasons I don’t post here much right now is that I’m in quite a down period and don’t like to blather on about it.

This goat is a climber and very good at balance. I think he’s telling me about balance. A perennial reminder for me.

Quand Je Te Vois, lalalala……..





8 thoughts on “Goat, I See You

  1. I imagine the weather can affect the house viewing; I know it’s hard not to be impatient after doing all the work. Hang in there!
    With the hurricane moving up the east coast, we’ve had nothing but dreary, cloudy days which always put me in a dark mood. I can handle almost anything if I have a spot of sun to stand in. But it will pass. Hope you can find your spot of sun soon my friend.

    • I guess it is affecting our weather too Bev. It’s so cold and windy. I hope no one gets hurt with the hurricane, I worry about that since they got blasted up the east coast here with Hurricane Sandy three years ago.

  2. Cabin fever is dreadful, and I guess it’s compounded when you want to leave the house for good and are stuck. Hope things pick up with the viewings, and with the weather!

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