The Rock Pool of Moving Water and Balance

I had the computer turned off yesterday as I was sewing borders on a baby quilt. With all the stuff going on with selling the house I got behind on this project, so have to focus on it now. I caught up with my weekly sketches finally and can take a few days for sewing.

We had a house viewing yesterday and did a couple of hours cleaning and I still managed to get my sewing done too. I think using my new printable weekly planner page is working. Today I hope to cut my backing and batting. I’ve already got my quilt frame out to use to baste the quilt. Not sure if I can get that done today. It hurts my back and hands but it’s a small quilt, and if I could press on (pun!) today it would be worth it to have it all basted.



While waiting for a scan to finish after turning my computer on again, I was looking at Sandra Thomson’s book Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary which is one of the few books I keep on tarot.

Apart from reminding me that the Thoth version of this card shows a gunky fountain like stagnant waters, which this card seems to emulate, she had something interesting about number eight cards in general. Because of the shape of the number “8”, it looks like an hourglass and can mean time or balance.

I always call this card the “moving on” card but tied in with balance it reminds me that despite having the house up for sale I have been getting some much-needed balance back in my life. Balance in cleaning and maintaining the house, plus balance in getting some time for projects.

This is a card of new successes but also being happy with what we have attained. The figure in the rock pool on the card has her figure pointing upward, and although in a salt pool, there are bowls of fresh water around the edge of the pool. There’s that balance again.

And you never know, maybe we’ll get an offer on the house today since this is about moving forward.





2 thoughts on “The Rock Pool of Moving Water and Balance

    • I amamazed too. I was in a slump for a bit due to stress and plain old fatigue, but gradually I was starting to get antsy, and realized I needed to get back into a routine of projects and creative stuff.

      I think psychologists and life coaches etc. have proven that people are happier and more productive when their houses are decluttered and organized, and kept clean and tidy.

      When I packed stuff away, I kept two clear plastic bins out–one with the materials for this quilt, and one with unfinished embroidery projects. So, being all there in one place definitely makes it easier to pluck one out when one finds a block of time.

      It’s a great relief to me too Bev as I want it to be finished on time.

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