Iconic Becomes Supersedonic

The estate agent is coming today so we can sign papers to drop the price of our house slightly. I had reconciled myself after six weeks to thinking it might not sell this year. I have learned that to give total focus to the house leaves the rest of my life and interests languishing, spinning me into a desert of mental fatigue with no way to refresh my mind. No more of that nonsense. Balance is key.

Today’s quote was picked at random from The Artist’s Mentor:

“To be naked is to be oneself.
    “To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself. A naked body has to be seen as an object to become a nude.” [John Berger]

John Berger is an art critic, and was a painter himself and taught drawing. I got an inter-library loan once of his book Bento’s Sketchbook which sounded interesting, combining sketches and philosophy but seemed a bit boring to me. According to Wikipedia, “…his essay on art criticism Ways of Seeing, written as an accompaniment to a BBC series, is often used as a university text.”

And a random card to go with this:

MULBERRY – Spring and Summer 2010 – Mulberry publicly unleashed the Alexa (later Alexa Chung) in January 2010 as the latest in a long line of iconic bags.


I’m not quite sure when huge, honking bags with enormous straps and buckles became fashionable but I don’t like my purse to look like I’m toting luggage around. Very often these purses look out of proportion and detract from a nice outfit.


It’s not too bad, I’ve seen designer bags that are three times the size, and it looks much like a school satchel. However, in looking at this advertisement it seems to overwhelm both the person and the clothes. Those straps brushing legs and arms would bug the H. out of me. Much emphasis was put on this bag at the time and obviously discussion still floats around it.

See, the bag gets all the attention: much like nudity, people will not recognize you for yourself.

My take on iconic fashion today.

Spell check does not agree that “supersedonic” is a word. I disagree, I’ve just created an iconic expression.

6 thoughts on “Iconic Becomes Supersedonic

  1. I’d rather just carry a backpack if I’m going to lug around a bag that size! Being vertically challenged, or as a cashier described me, “packaged in fun-size,” I get swallowed up by those huge bags.

    Glad to hear you’ve decided to focus your attention in other areas rather than solely on the house! 🙂

    • The bigger your bag, the more you put in there, the harder it is to lug around, and the harder it is to find things. Nothing worse than the sterotypical humour about women rooting around trying to find things in their purses.

  2. I thought of Berger when reading your previous post on Kawakubo. As for the preponderance of ever-larger purses…in Freudian and dream symbology the purse embodies the womb, female sexuality and power. So, there you have it lol.

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