Fly Off, Get it Done

I’ve been quite methodical this week and after today will be caught up with most of my weekly sketches and the monthly update.

I haven’t been able to concentrate much; I used to get up early and do my card of the day, but with the house up for sale I first have to tidy and make my bed, keep up with laundry etc., so by the time that happens I don’t have the quiet, reflective time I like for my cards. Anyway, having showered, stripped and washed the bed, and laundered my comforters, I have a window of quiet time.

SKY TOM (Knight of Swords)


Oh, he’s in a whirl of activity today. I call this card Mr. Harum-Scarum, and considering how often it comes up for me I probably should consider it a personal card but I don’t. This is the energy I like but not the control or reasoning I like. I’m a plodder, I like to think things out.

Perhaps today, he is reminding me that planning is all very well, but you must act; action is what makes things happen.

I was journalling today about my sketchbook. I was so far behind that I was considering not doing a sketchbook in 2016, but I have had an imaginary trip to Chile planned for years and it’s something I want to do. Getting bogged down in planning and itinerary stops me on the project, so I need to take the leap. Start somewhere, get going.

Dave usually likes to contribute to Mystical Cats posts, but he and his friends have been packed away while we have our house up for sale. Cerberus is getting a bit antsy cooped up in that plastic box too.



3 thoughts on “Fly Off, Get it Done

  1. Poor Dave, wrapped in plastic! I hope you do just make the leap into Chile, I’m looking forward to coming along for the ride 🙂

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