Him and Her Kazanlar Style

Rather than a random draw, I wanted to show the two extra cards that come with the Kazanlar Tarot, the male and female significators like those found in European fortune telling decks. I love that idea, but he really makes them special in this deck.



He looks like a very bejewelled Persian prince, and she looks like European royalty, in this case Hungarian in a nod to Emil Kazanlar’s Hungarian Mother. The way these are opposites reminds me of his Kabbalistic system of White Sephiroth/Black Sephiroth or positive and negative aspects.

Oddly, he doesn’t actually mention the significator cards in the booklet or specify to use them in spreads. I suppose he assumes in the European tradition, that most people will know what they are or know how to use them.  I often use the significators in with the regular cards so you could do that, or simply lay it at the top of your spread depending on the gender of the person you are reading for. Two of his spreads denote an Enquirer’s Card which is drawn separately from the pack, but you could substitute one of these significators for that card.

Some of his spreads in the booklet are rather convoluted and involve shuffling and dealing certain numbers of cards or splitting the Majors and Minors up, and he uses several ideas in the Spanish tradition of someone called Alfonso el Sabio or Alfonse the Wise.

He also states that certain sentences be spoken by either the enquirer or the reader and I can see myself laughing while intoning some of these things. However, it’s also charmingly old-world and might give a reading some extra dignity and ritual.

He has one spread based on the Twelve Labours of Hercules, where much discussion and storytelling ensues about the Labours, and then groups of Majors and Minors are laid out and on and on it goes. It seems so nineteenth century because many people today have no knowledge of Hercules or his labours.

Anyway, the booklet has these challenging, yet exciting spreads, watched over by Him and Her in their dressed hair, jewels, silk, and ermine.


7 thoughts on “Him and Her Kazanlar Style

  1. I’ll be curious as I had a dream about this card from this deck last night though I know it looks nothing like the deck’s version based on what I’ve seen of the art. Still, in the dream it was clearly from this deck. If I could draw it would be a very delicate sepia image, the skeleton was a soft ivory color, wearing the robes of a holy mendicant. He had a staff and the land around him was in the same delicate soft sepia/ivory tones. Though he (!) was Death he was full of equilibrium and peace and presence. His head/skull was bent slightly towards the earth in a state of humility. It was really quite a beautiful Death card and the cardstock was like old parchment paper which added to the mystery and graceful sobriety of it.

  2. I now have in my hands one Kazanlar Tarot! And procured for a reasonable price I might add! Thank you for putting me onto this marvelous deck. And I see what you mean about the Death card. Very unusual and IMO, brilliant!

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