Green Glows the Simmering Hot Liquid



Say no more.

Another great card by Mindy, notice the glowing green centre, simmering, ready to start the oozing, burning lava flow at any minute. It reminds me of the line from I Claudius, “Let all the poisons that are in the mud hatch out.” Dear old Clau-Clau knew his human nature, as did Robert Graves.

Sigh. This deck is always rather canny I find.




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2 Comments on “Green Glows the Simmering Hot Liquid”

  1. tarottiferet Says:

    These cards are very beautiful, Judy. I love how that green seeps out. I love how the artist has described these words in the last days cards.

    • JJ Says:

      Mindy has a fresh view here. I was always sorry she didn’t make more card decks or book and deck sets, but she wanted to make money, and making card decks is never going to make people money.

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