That Old Swirling Depression


The swirling depths, overtaking the mind. The snow, obscuring.


An evocative card for Depression, definitely. I liked this idea from Mindy in the booklet:

“Remember that this ‘black hole’ is emanating from within, not without. We are not at the mercy of externals when this card appears.”

We are not.




2 thoughts on “That Old Swirling Depression

  1. My thoughts can block out the “sun” and convince me that I’m surrounded by darkness. I have to put on my detective hat and look for evidence instead of accepting those thoughts as truth. But being motivated to do that can be tough.

    • In a clinical depression, all motivation disappears, which makes it tough. We are supposed to believe in pharmaceuticals as a magic panacea, but they are pretty limited in my experience, and have side effects that are worse than the depression.

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