The Archetype for Jewellery-Making

Bad day yesterday, whew. Today when I got up I had my vitamin/protein drink, showered, and went to the library. Then came home and got dithering over the fact that I didn’t have suitable earrings to match a new blouse and the t-shirt I wore today. You would think with this amount of earrings I would have something appropriate but I am missing some colourways.


So out came the beads and findings and pliers. I took apart one old pair and redid them and made six new pairs of earrings, with more to do tomorrow. It’s been a while since I felt like making anything so thought I’d roll with it.




This guy knows! He says, carrying a new library book back after a visit to his local library, “Jude, I couldn’t find any earrings that matched my outfit, I was in such a dither about it I’m going home to make something suitable.”

That’s why they call tarot cards archetypes.



6 thoughts on “The Archetype for Jewellery-Making

  1. You make jewelry too? You’re a Judy of all trades. 🙂 I’m so oblivious to my earrings I can put in a pair and wear them for a year before I think of changing them. Love all your colorful array! That is an awesome Hermit.

    • I think this is a great Hermit too. There are so many neat paintings in this deck.

      Yes, I make jewellery. I make strung earrings and necklaces, bead embroidered necklaces, peyote stitch and herringbone ropes for necklaces. I’ve got the supplies for soutache braid necklaces but haven’t had time.

      I also have a wirework jig and sometimes make my own clasps and such with that. Wirework hurts my hands so I don’t do it often. I do like to do trees in wirework for pendants, love trees.

      More here:

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