Roses on a Sunday

Two of the reasons I really like the Circle of Life Tarot is that the images and meanings are so different, prone to interpretation outside the norm.



So here she is with her green hair sprouting roses and two filled bags of some sort behind her, looking in a mirror with a gnome-like creature above her by the tree roots. Very interesting, and the booklets says:

“Our image, when reflected, never corresponds to reality. If we only look in the mirror, we lose all contact with reality.”

Hardly an Empress-y saying but interesting. She’s in a burrow under tree roots, watched over by a gnome who looks quite happy. Abundant hair, flowers and perhaps riches in the bags behind her. Today I am thinking that as she turns from the mirror to enjoy the reality of her protected circumstance, it might be Sunday and she has slept well and wants to continue reading her fascinating biography of Pierre Berton and catch up on the laundry. The gnome trimmed her hair before she bathed and she is noticing how much better it cascades down her back with a bit of a trim, with no split ends to catch on tree roots.

Of course, this is naturally all in the card.

Happy Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Roses on a Sunday

    • You don,t have this deck Bev? The same artist did The Heart Tarot which i also have. Different, you know? Nice to see different illustrators, it’s one of the strengths of Lo Scarabeo. Or was.

    • Oh yes, I’ve read that and also read his Mother’s book “I Married the Klondike” from which they made a television series. Some of my other favourite Pierre Berton books:

      1) The National Dream
      2) The Last Spike (They made these 2 into a wonderful TV series too)
      3) The Dionne Years
      4) The Arctic Grail
      5) My Country
      6) The Wild Frontier
      7) The Invasion of Canada
      8) Flames Across the Border
      9) Vimy
      10) Just Add Water and Stir (an interesting and humorous cookbook, especially his tomato soup recipe.)
      11) Niagara

      I read his book The Great Depression too but did not like it as much. He had several television shows that I used to watch including his interview show and The Great Debate, and I occasionally caught him on Front Page Challenge. I used to love his radio quips with Charles Templeton.

      Oh, and his children’s book The Secret World of Og was excellent. He just wrote well. I miss this kind of writing where history was brought alive.

  1. Sounds like a lovely Sunday 😀 I agree, beautiful artwork, and it can be liberating to have a different take on the cards!

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