The Time Thing Again



In this deck, this is about how plans that take a long time are often the most reliable. The pumpkin grows slowly, the human fetus grows slowly, and the life cycle of periodical cicadas can be up to 20 years. I looked at that bug and knew it was a cicada because of the time thing, but it’s carrying a little sword and the head looks like it has hair.

Its hair has grown over time, waiting and waiting to be born.


Again I am told to wait, to bide my time, to let plans come to fruition slowly to get the best result. Abide a while under the earth, in the womb, waiting.




2 thoughts on “The Time Thing Again

  1. When it comes to waiting on other people to take action, I’m not very patient either. I just changed my lojong deck sales over to Printer Studio; they can ship them so much more cheaply than I can. No one has bought one yet, though I keep checking obsessively. 😀 A watched pot never boils…

    • Well, I think people are missing out on a wonderful deck. This is the kind of deck that I wish major publishers would pick up. It would have lots of sales across interests.

      That’s neat you found a printer that can mail them for you too. That should allow you less hassle. Great news!

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