Forward Ho! with Focus

Ah yes, The Chariot, hurtling forward even though the path is long. You must maintain your focus on the goal.



A good card for today. We were getting a tad discouraged about selling the house and someone told me on the phone to not worry and just keep going.

Focus on your goal. Drive on, ride into tomorrow in more ways than one.




4 thoughts on “Forward Ho! with Focus

  1. It takes me forever to buy even a book these days. I look at it, forget it, then look at it again. I might put it in my Amazon cart and leave it there for weeks. But eventually I’ll buy it. I imagine with a more expensive purchase, people are doing the same thing. You’re just not privy to all their considerations. Don’t give up! 🙂

    • I’m like that too. I’ve been looking at a couple of journals but don’t need them right now, so am waiting until the end of the year. But I keep looking and taking them on and off my wishlist.

      I never thought about that but for expensive things it might take a while for people to think about it. I remember we leaped into buying this house. Ah youth, eh Bev? Such impetuousness when young…

  2. Remember our house? It took over two years to sell. We got very downhearted – hallway is too dark (turn the light on?), don’t like the tree in the garden (yes, that beautiful tree!), etc etc.

    We missed out on a house my parents liked twice. It really knocked us all. But time is a funny thing. Little did we know, a far better house was round the corner, even if a little further round the corner than we’d thought. I didn’t like the one which fell through twice. And now, we have a detached home overlooking the hills and countryside, with gorgeous woods behind the garden, large rooms, great neighbour.

    I believe everything happens for a reason. We just can’t always see the bigger picture. I know how it feels to be discouraged but keep going!

    • I still have photos of that house you missed out on, and I agree, the house you ended up with is much better and the garden is like and enchanted place.

      Okay, I’ll try to keep going but I’m really down. Oh well.

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