Rapids, Sunspots, and Plentiful Fish

Another postcard I found after cleaning my den. This was from my parents in July 1991, and they sent it to me because I was supposed to go to this camp when I was a teenager, but they didn’t get enough people joining from our area so it was cancelled. The story of my life.

“An eagle’s eye view of Malibu Rapids with Young Life of Canada summer camp on the right and Jervis Inlet beyond. Navigate these rapids with caution or at a slack tide.” Cruising in formation at Harbour Marina, Garden Bay.


My Mom describes in this postcard (written about 15 months before she died), Dad and a friend catching 16 small cod and 2 more pails of oysters. It sounds like a good trip.

A day with a reminder to enjoy things, enjoy life as it can leave pretty fast. Disappointments fade like the sunspots on this card, and flowing through rapids, leaving you with beautiful scenery.



6 thoughts on “Rapids, Sunspots, and Plentiful Fish

  1. That’s the kicker, isn’t it? That all of life is impermanent, both good and bad. Best to enjoy each postcard of our life as they arrive because they’ll be replaced by another soon enough.
    Lovely spot. 🙂

  2. Glad you are finding lighthearted things to do too (library) since all of this sorting through and clearing of old stuff and memories is a lot to take in as you consider your own house move. Lovely to revisit postcards with you though. I found one from my friends mother last week. Someone’s handwriting brings them straight into your world for that moment, doesn’t it? So many emotions.

    • I found a huge bundle of letters that I couldn’t bring myself to read, so threw them out. I do have a few letters or postcards I kept singly over the years so I have samples of handwriting from my parents, but other relatives that died I couldn’t face their handwriting, it was too painful.

      These days I think to myself “They are in my head” and then feel I don’t have to keep things unnecessarily.

      • Ah ha. Very interesting. I just quit my job. It was making me miserable. So now what? I don’t know. I’m going through paperwork. Dealing with old utility bills is easy, but that box of letters…

        It sounds like you’re making great progress. Since we’ve known we would move every few years, eventually I got more into the mindset of “that was fun to have, now let it go.” Buying less. Although yesterday I found two bowls at the Goodwill, a green pyrex and a red Fireking, three dollars total with my senior discount. Tangerines look smashing in the green bowl 😉 Hang in there Jude.

        • Ah Debra, that jerk finally made you leave. Sounds like my old job. Do you think you’ll look for another job or retire?

          Yeah, I just shredded two bags of old paperwork–just could not face those letters for some reason.

          Oooh bowls for tangerines!!! Cha-cha-cha.

          Today the spouse took a carload of stuff from the garage to the dump. It cost $10 to dump them but out garage looks much better. He still has another load to dump but it,s a start.

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