The Sensation of Life on Earth

Yesterday we spent all day leaving the house, taking the dogs next door and chatting with our neighbours, waiting and waiting for someone to show up for a viewing of the house who never appeared. Today we decided after making the beds and other house-tidying measures, that we needed some balance and needed to get back to our lives rather than hovering around worrying about the house.

So we took our morning tea out on the driveway in the shade so I could comb all the hair blowing out of our chocolate Lab’s coat. We really haven’t spent any happy time with the pets for weeks. Then we had oat bran for breakfast and moved to the shade on the grass, and had two more cups of tea.

Enjoying this strange sensation of being out of the house and hearing birds and the breeze in the trees, we decided to eat lunch out there on the card table, and then after lunch the spouse mowed some of the lawn and used the weed-whacker, while I washed the dishes and then came out to draw a long-overdue weekly sketch on the table, that we had moved to the shade under the big maple and oak.

It was like getting out of prison. The wrens have had their babies and were darting about trying to feed them. The dogs lay on the grass and breathed the air, enjoying our company and the great outdoors. We both felt better, it was a much different and refreshing focus.

561. A new Pitcher Plant from the limestone mountains of Sarawak, Borneo
Marianne North, 1830-1890
Oil on paper
Marianne North Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


Isn’t that a beauty?

Inside the plant, things tend to disappear into a mottled jumble of colour, but outside the vines twist and reach, the veins of the leaves pulse with colour and energy from the sun, and the mountains envelop all growing things. Reminding me after today to spend more time out in nature, seeing the colours and breathing the air, focusing my eyes on the minutiae of life close-up, my feet magnetized by the Earth.





10 thoughts on “The Sensation of Life on Earth

  1. A breath of fresh air is what you all needed it seems! Glad you had an enjoyable day outside in the green world. 🙂
    Pitcher plants are such neat oddities in the plant world.

    • It was such a blessing and relief to get outside!!!

      Pitcher plants are magical looking. Do you get the Dutchman’s trousers (or breeches) plant down there, it looks like you do from the map I saw? Dicentra cucullaria–I like plants with odd shapes. Like the Jack-in-the-Pulpit–we get that too.

  2. Love your entry. It actually made me feel refreshed to read it. It sounds like a lovely day. It reminds me that there is a world outside of ‘my world’ that is always waiting for me to step into it.

  3. We spread out picnic blankets in the garden on Sunday, and it was wonderful to be outside, too. Glad you managed your sketch, a double recharging of your batteries 🙂

    • A picnic sounds nice–I bet your kids liked that. Not sure if the little guy is old enough yet to appreciate a picnic, but you never know.

      Hey I like that, “a double recharging”–hopefully I can catch up with the next two sketches soon. I hate getting so behind in things.

      BUT I scrubbed the floor behind the TV; that gave me a charge too!

      • Anything that involves the garden, and the Little One is in! 🙂
        Congrats on scrubbing behind the TV! Those units always get really dust-bunnified – something to do with the electric charge, I guess…

        • It wasn’t dust bunnies it was a mildew-y whiff–the basement is concrete so I find a yearly scrub along the edges keeps everything fresh. Unfortunately, I deferred bending and scrubbing in that one area.

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