Brewed Strength

Guess what turned up in the den after I spent nine hours cleaning and rearranging it? That’s right, some more postcards. I bought this in 1983 and promptly tucked it away, never to see light until 32 years later. I feel sometimes this is what happened to my whole life, it’s been tucked away waiting for the light.

From an original in The Robert Opie Collection at the Museum of Advertising and Packaging, Gloucester.


Just what the world needs, another encouragement for men to drink beer! This chap should have been helping me clean my third bedroom. I swear I toted out as much as he is lifting in this picture. Also, what a neat museum to go and see if anyone wants to toodle around Gloucester.

This is also a reminder to eats lots of fresh veggies. I’ve lost 12 pounds since I started working on the house last month so that’s a good sign.

The photographer is coming in three days and then we’re live with our listing for the house. Finally. There aren’t too many properties like ours available so I hope someone snaps it up.

This man says “Stick another load on your head Jude, you can do it!” I dare say he’s right.




8 thoughts on “Brewed Strength

  1. It’s been too long since I held a bottle of beer – I thought it was an advertisement for a brand of vegetables, lol. Goodness, 12 pounds is a lot of weight to lose; you have literally been working your a$$ off woman!

    • I got a scare with that fall and the subsequent blood clot I got in my leg, so I’ve been very careful about what I’m eating, and trying to move around more in general.

      Guinness vegetables, I know them. ;-))))

  2. I don’t think any of my blog posts will ever contain the phrase, “after I spent nine hours cleaning…” lol

    • Hi Hannah. We are finding it very tense, almost as tense as doing home reno things with the spouse. You know what that’s like!

      I keep reminding myself that most people have a big move at some time or other.

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