That Magical Siamese Cat, Looking for Jan Huston

This is a notecard with a lovely piece of art on it. I bought this card around 1985. I was working for a bank in downtown Toronto and had a long commute by bus. One of the managers had this card on her desk and when I inquired about it she had a cat that had recently died that looked like this. The Siamese cat I had at the time looked just like this too so I had to go buy the card at one of the fancy downtown card shops.

It was displayed with my cat figurines for years and when I packed them away recently to declutter for viewings of the house, I put the card in with my postcards. I have several nice notecards with cats that I bought for my collection, but that was long before I lost all my cat friends. We’ve always had a multiple cat household and it’s rather painful after losing nine of them over the years to have the collection and remember my youth when we were all healthy and bursting with life and plans for the future.

by Jan Huston


Look at those remarkable eyes. That is just like a Siamese, so blue and luminous. I have a picture of my cat Nollie sitting in a bunch of leaves just like this cat. There are forget-me-nots on the card among the grass and we have those in our front garden.

Jan Huston seems to have specialized in cat portraits. Back in the 1980s she had notecards and porcelain plates (one at least for the Franklin Mint of kittens), one crewel embroidery needlework kit with her cat art, and a large poster with a cat in tulips. For Athena International out of London, she produced this card (the art was also reproduced on a porcelain mug), one of rabbits, and one tiger that I can find, but I can find no biographical material on her.

I would love to know if she is still alive and painting and what happened to her, just because this piece of art means so much to me.




4 thoughts on “That Magical Siamese Cat, Looking for Jan Huston

  1. Sealpoint Siamese are my favorite breed of all. I grew up with Siamese cats–seal-point, lilac-point, red-point. I loved them all but the Sealpoints remain my faves. The way they talk to you is so compelling. Lovely pic!!

    • I have a sister who can’t stand it when cats talk. I see a lot of Siamese cats ending up in shelters and I figure it’s because some people don’t realize how chatty they are.

      I love them. We have had two Sealpoints, and two Blue Points, and I currently have one cross whose father was a flame Himalayan and the mother was a Sealpoint–my cat has medium length hair and tortoiseshell points. All lovely cats, very devoted and affectionate.

      I’ve always fancied a lilac point. 😉 Oh wow, the red points remind me of ginger tabbies–my favourite cat of all time was a ginger tabby. Alas, I am not sure we’ll own any more cats after my 15 year-old dies, but I’ve had some good cat friends.

  2. The card is so life-like it almost looks like a photo instead of a painting. What talent this woman had. Our cats (and dogs) have always been strays or from the shelter, so they were all Heinz-57 breeds (mixes). If I ever bought a cat though, I think it would be a Siamese.

    • It used to be that Siamese cats were scarce in shelters but now there are many of them, so you could probably adopt a Siamese. These days I don’t like to encourage breeding, there are so many unwanted or abused cats around to save and millions get killed each year.

      Isn’t Jan Huston a wonderful artist? I can’t believe there is no information about her on the Internet. Even is she’s UK based you would think there would be some mention of her.

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