A Cat Reflects on Talent Gone from the World

I think I bought a package of notecards with this design around 1980 or so. I found it in the old set of drawers I threw out.



Mads Stage was a Danish artist who died in 2004. I was sorry to hear that as this is a favourite piece of art of mine.

His designs were used on postcards, stamps, greeting cards and notecards, ceramics, textiles, and books. He favoured birds and animals but also did cityscapes and landscapes, as well as scientific medical drawings.

What a loss, I always loved his artwork. He illustrated Walden, I would love that edition with his drawings, but it is only available in Danish, and is very pricey, alas.




8 thoughts on “A Cat Reflects on Talent Gone from the World

    • I think I saw that one Debra. The price is much better than some of the others–one was $187 plus shipping. Still too much for me.

      Thanks for cheering me on, I need it. I am so sore. Just slipping online while a laundry is doing and then after I hang it out I’m back at it. It will soon be time to clear my drafting board–“The Exploding Table”–I blame Cerberus, who got a bit wild on a walk with Dave the Minion and messed up all my paper. Nothing like a 3-headed dog to take the blame.

      p.s. When we get out there D. you can come and visit. Just a short hop of 4200 kms or so.

      • It’s a deal!
        It is exhausting to de-clutter and clean and prepare for a move, but…in my experience, it really does bring fresh air into my life. Hope you will find the same.

        • It’s nice to get things organized. I just threw out a lamp I’ve had since the Christmas I was 6 years-old. Whew, I’m gonna be so free I’ll float Westward.

    • I remember using one of the notecards to write my Mom, who is long dead now, but looking up the artist cheered me up. He was magic with animals.

      I still can’t believe I had stuff in a trunk from when I was 13 years-old. Fortunately it wasn’t a lot but I do sort of wonder why I didn’t get decluttering that decades ago. I also had some vending machine doodads from when I was 11.

      Save me, save me!!

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