The Impudence of Pine Floors

We finished the floors. We are both shattered from effort and tension. Today is Sunday so we are taking a rest. The floor has to cure for 3 to 4 days; we will leave it for 4 days since it’s humid and we want them well and truly cured before moving the furniture back. If I ever see a paintbrush again I’m going to scream.


While all that was going on, I was throwing out a huge amount of junk from the basement. We had an old steamer trunk that belonged to a relative and it was filled with things from when I was a teenager, plus board games and other detritus. Out it went, except for this, which is a Thermos box I bought to paint and use as an art supply box back when I was 16/17 years-old. I couldn’t part with this one because I painted it one summer when my Mom and Dad were away on a trip and it’s a good memory, but that’s okay I can use it for current art supplies and thus come full circle.


Today I am using a lovely postcard that I bought three copies of I loved it so much back in the 1980s. I found it with some other postcards in an old chest of drawers I threw out. They’ve been airing out and seem to be salvageable.

Reproduced courtesy of A. & F. Pears Ltd.


I am not a Mother and generally don’t go ga-ga over babies, but honestly, isn’t this the cutest kid? I can see myself hugging its head while it giggles.

So I’m going to be like this kid today and relax and laugh, catch up on my artwork, do this card as a digital jigsaw, and just forget about the bloody house for a day!




8 thoughts on “The Impudence of Pine Floors

  1. The title for this post is pretty funny! It must be a nice feeling to be on the other side of impudence. Floors look great btw!

    And your Pears’ soap postcard brought back some memories. It was the soap of my childhood.

  2. I love the suitcase for you art supplies. It must have felt like time traveling when you saw it again.
    My floor envies yours but I don’t envy you 😀

    • Most of time travel reminds me of some difficult years in my life, but this little box was a pleasant memory of youth.

      Oh those floors Ellen–no wonder people put down that laminate flooring these days. The upkeep on wood floors is too much.

    • Thanks Bev. I am trying to take a day off but the spouse wants to go out and mow the lawn and stuff. I feel guilty for not being able to move. I might throw some things out in a garbage bag and do some gentle decluttering, but he just won’t stop. Sigh.

  3. Wow, what a job those floors must have been! Good going. You definitely deserve some fun art time after that 🙂 Hmm, may just be me, but I see a cheeky glint in that baby’s eyes, about to splash mum with water! 😉

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