Steaming Ships Somewhat Delayed

Still forging onward decluttering and cleaning. Our sanding and urethaning of the pine floors got stalled. Trouble in the engine room as we had to stop to figure out a colour matching problem. Hopefully we can steam onward today.

Twin Screw Steamer “Antrim”
2,000 Tons 21.9 Knots
1,200 Passengers
The Midland Railway Company’s Belfast-Heysham service was inaugurated in 1904 by the steamers Antrim, Donegal, and Londonderry.
Postcard reproduced by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.


I found several nice postcards of ships that I bought in the gift shop of this museum way back in the 1980s. A good ship, is a good ship, and a good postcard is timeless.

This reminds me of the old Frank Zappa album, Ship Arrived Too late to Save a Drowning Witch. I used to love a song on that called No Not Now, where he sang the enormously appealing words “string beans to Utah”. There is my youth and absurd eccentricity all wrapped up in long-ago words by Frank Zappa.

So, we are steaming ahead. Unfortunately after we finish we still have to leave it for three days to cure, so we are living in half of the house, all crammed and jammed in. I quite enjoy sitting in my wing chair while it’s parked in the kitchen though.


4 thoughts on “Steaming Ships Somewhat Delayed

  1. “String beans to Utah” – hah, that made me giggle. 😀
    Hope the fumes aren’t giving you hallucinations yet. Sort of sounds nice to have a new perspective sitting in your chair in the kitchen. Gosh, after all that work, your house is going to be so beautiful, you might not want to leave!

    • We are using water-based urethane with low VOC so it isn’t too bad.

      No chance of us wanting to stay, after almost 30 years here we are ready for a new phase in life!

  2. Frank Zappa, now that was a little trip down memory lane 😉 And I think I see the ‘white cliffs’ behind that ship. They were very much a part of my childhood. Wishing you smooth waters ahead.

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