Thylacines Accept Reality

Thylacinus cynocephalus


I was delighted to see a Thylacine in my new natural history card deck and I remembered an old post I had done with the Pathfinders Deck called The Thylacine Leap, so I did a small montage (bigger for jigsaws of course) and used an illustration from the back of the big card and a photograph of a thylacine skull in addition to a reiteration of the Pathfinders card. I changed the background colour on the big card from white and added titling.

They became extinct in the 1930s but no one is really sure if some might still exist. It seems doubtful and it’s a loss because they are the most wondrous creatures. They were shaped like a dog, striped like a tiger or zebra, pouched like an opossum, and said to behave like a wolf. Unfortunately, settlers in 19th century Tasmania hunted them because they thought they were threatening their livestock, and the government put a bounty on them too.

The adaptations of nature at its best. The Pathfinders card uses acceptance of the unknown for one of its meanings, and I’m going with that today as a general theme in our lives right now. I’m having pain flare-ups but puttering away doing laundry and packing some fabric which hopefully won’t make it worse.


2 thoughts on “Thylacines Accept Reality

  1. Had I not heard of these before, I would think they were some genetic experiment. Though I did hear they were a candidate for cloning since they have “preserved” some specimens (Jurassic Park, here we come). Amazing that both sexes had pouches.

    • They are amazing Bev, AND, the best part, I learned about them through the Pathfinders deck back in 2009. This is why I like to have such a disparate card collection.

      I consider animal decks a sub-genre of my collection. I can’t buy or afford them all but I’m partial to the ones I can buy.

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