Peony Reflections

I was rooting around in my postcard box at the front, and came across this lovely card. I often keep cards with art on them with my postcard collection. It was sent to me in October 2003 by an old tarot friend. She sent me a vintage silk scarf and the New Age Tarot.

She fell out with me four or five years ago after misconstruing something I’d said in an e-mail, and has refused to speak to me since then. I didn’t try and clarify my words to her because I think when situations like that happen, people are perhaps not really friends, they’ve closed their minds to who you really are and what you really said. I remember her with fondness, she was a lively and creative person.

Yucky old e-mail. I much prefer to write real letters these days with my fountain pens, customizing graphic headers on my sugarcane paper, and changing ink colours and pens in a random whirl.

Photography © Tom Baril


We have peonies in our garden but they don’t last long. One is pale pink and the other is a deep red. Red and white opposites in the front and back gardens.

Ah, one of the buds is turned away, refusing to open, closed up tightly. Rather an apt depiction of this former friendship.



9 thoughts on “Peony Reflections

  1. We have red and pink ones out in our front garden. I love to watch them grow each year to blooms and to watch the blooms slowly develop. Like you say they last so little time once they bloom being so delicate – often a heavy rain shower does for our complete show. This year we had them about 3 weeks which was a treat

    • We had so much rain I think ours got battered and died in a week. The one at the front seems to get eaten every year by rose chafers.

      They are so pretty though with those huge blossoms. Funny, I assumed that in England they bloomed longer than here.

  2. It’s a shame our technology can’t figure out how to add an “emotional fingerprint” to emails and such so people wouldn’t misconstrue words.
    We don’t have peonies here; I don’t think I’ve ever seen them.

    • She thought I had said that I was more creative than her. What I actually said was that I had more time to be creative than her because I was unemployed.

      I see the difference but she didn’t. Assumption is a tricky aspect of skimming letters instead of reading them.

      No peonies down there? I can’t believe it.

  3. I echo the sadness of internet fallen relationships and people getting the wrong end of the stick. I’ve had my own few fall-outs, as you know. So many hot-heads online.

    Beautiful peonies though, even if they do not last long.

    • I do know about your fall-outs. I suppose when you are online for a time it’s bound to happen, but this woman…we were so simpatico, it seems a shame.

      Yes, beautiful if fleeting.

  4. That peony image is very poignant. And yes, even with emoticons online communication can be so easily misconstrued. As you say, it is what it is, and you have other friends 🙂

    • It’s a lovely photo, no wonder I kept the card.

      Actually, I don’t have many friends, none in the real world apart from the spouse, so the loss of one is more dramatic for me. Still, it was a while ago…

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