Dance and Brandish Cups to Fortify Yourself

We have been busy this week painting and organizing and such. I now have to tackle the dining room table, where chairs are swathed in fat quarters and half meters of fabric and dolls disport among the embroidery floss. Five buried projects will come to light, but I can’t work on them because we are trying to get the house ready for sale.

Then we’re going to recover the dining room chair seats with fabric I bought five or ten years ago. We keep saying to each other “Why didn’t we look after ourselves?” or “We should have done this years ago.” Patterns in life, usually cemented in by problems in life. We went through a horrendous time during a bad recession in 1989-1993 and in some ways we didn’t bounce back.



How did I get this when the deck isn’t published yet? Steve sent me a written note on the back of one last year! This is from The Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot by Steven Bright. I was rummaging about looking for something to use and out it popped, reminding me to dance and celebrate and move, always move.

Joy, movement. Keep going.

I had a dream early yesterday morning where we were driving in the car and came to the crest of a hill, but we could see nothing over it, we couldn’t see how steep the hill was or if it curved. Nothing. So we sat and finally my husband said we’d just go and over we went and he said “Oh-oh” and we started to fall downward, surrounded by planets and space.

So I was telling him this dream in the car yesterday coming back from the library and I said “It was like we were free falling.” And I said I bet it means we should just go on our move and free fall, go with the flow. About seven minutes later they played the song Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty. I looked at him and said “It must be a sign!”

That was the 3 of Cups moment.

4 thoughts on “Dance and Brandish Cups to Fortify Yourself

  1. I would love for Steven to self-publish this deck; it is so beautiful in its simplicity.
    Boy, that was a “woo-woo” moment for sure – having Petty’s song come on right after you explained your dream. You guys sure are making a lot of progress in a short amount of time. I imagine it feels like you have a lot more to do, but just step back and admire all that you’ve accomplished already for a quick moment!

    • The song coming on the radio was amazing synchronicity–I couldn’t believe it–a jaw-dropping moment.

      We are so overwhelmed but I like your idea of just looking at how much we’ve done–will do.

      Steve was getting quotes for printing this, but it’s expensive and he’s trying to keep costs down–fortunately he realizes that not everyone can spend $70 on a deck. One day I hope, I think it’s fantastically intuitive–a real pleasure to see and try to interpret.

  2. That was a nice surprise. I had forgotten I had put it into the package.

    Things seem to be on hold again with the printing. I’m having reservations about this and that. There really is so much to invest, financially and in time and effort.

    My card from the Devas of Creation oracle suggested going with the flow today.

    • Darn, on hold again….sigh. You forgetfulness is my bonus. I’m not sure if this was a printing proof you decided not to waste or if you printed it specially but I love it. It made a good jigsaw too!

      I love that Devas of Creation. You got me to buy her Intuitive Tarot which I like, but this new one is very freeform and open to interpretation, which I love in cards.

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