Strange Shapes in the Moorland

Working my way back to a previous set of postcards, this is another one from the National Trust in Britain.

Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire
National Trust Images/Paul Harris
One of the extraordinary millstone grit stacks in Nidderdale.


This is one of the moorland rock formations in this area conserved by the National Trust as a collection. I always think of the National Trust with regard to historic buildings but they also preserve natural sites like this. It seems like a nice place to enjoy a walk or climb and enjoy the dramatic views and scenery.

I have to leave the computer for a day while paint on the stairs is drying, which is going to be a bit tricky, so I can only begin a jigsaw for this. It’s also going to be tricky to do that tree with all the similar leaves.


Tricky? Oh no, not for you Jude, don’t be silly. Phhht.

If only life was really like that…





5 thoughts on “Strange Shapes in the Moorland

  1. That rock formation is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Good to know there is a group to protect such things. America (being a youngish country) has yet to figure out that we need to save instead of pave such wonders. Sigh…

    • I was a bit shocked when my sister drove across part of the States when coming East, that Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore are preserved nicely but so…unrusticated in the surrounding buildings and tourist-y stuff. Still, it’s better than having yahoos climb up and chip bits off Mount Rushmore.

      A lot of stately homes would be lost today if the National Trust hadn’t stepped in. I read an interesting book about Sissinghurst by the grandson, Adam Nicholson, who works WITH the National Trust to make the house and grounds make money yet still retain the flavour of the days of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicholson. He also still lives there with his family which is good.

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