Night-flowering in Jamaica

110. Night-flowering Lily and Ferns, Jamaica
Marianne North, 1830-1890
Oil on Paper
Marianne North Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


This is my favourite postcard from the batch Steve sent me. They are all beautiful but this one particularly has such depth, even my scanner cannot capture the depth of colour and contrast in this, it’s gorgeous. I wore a lily corsage on my wedding day, and the night-blooming aspect of this makes for a haunting picture.

I’ve had another poor week due to pain from sitting in the dentist’s chair and side effects from antibiotics. We are trying to paint rooms and that’s going pretty well, although I haven’t been able to help much.

Of course, I need to do a jigsaw of this beauty.


Perhaps I shall consider myself a night-bloomer, showing my colours against the night sky, gazing at Venus and Jupiter, rising from the ghostly undergrowth?





2 thoughts on “Night-flowering in Jamaica

  1. That is a lovely postcard; I had no idea there were lilies that bloomed at night. I could almost believe this came out of a deck done by Will Worthington. 🙂
    Hope both the pain and painting get done with quickly!

    • Isn’t it great? I had no idea there were night blooming lilies either. Sooo lovely.

      I did manage to paint a bit today–doing the sunporch steps, but couldn’t get the last one done so the spouse had to step in. Tomorrow it’s the much longer basement stairs. Due to my general wonkiness and pain, the spouse is going to do those.

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