Hey, is that a Tea Towel?

Oooh-la-la, we are having five new windows put in the house. We should have done this years ago.

I developed a small blood clot from a fall I had three weeks ago, so I had to go to the doctor to have it checked. Good thing I did because my leg was getting infected. I’m just amazed that after only 3 pills, my leg and I were feeling so much better. No wonder I felt so crummy.



The meerkat guys wanted a nice brush and gradient in the background. They wanted orange or aqua but I managed to settle them down. Meerkats live in large familial groups. Sharing duties and being part of a team is beneficial for everyone, plus it makes you feel well.

So I guess I could apply this to recent events. My husband and I cleaned up the “den” which was getting a mite overloaded with junk, so that the contractor could get in the door and replace the window and repair the wall. There was quite a bit of mildew on the floor so the spouse cleaned that up, and when he starts to paint the bedrooms again, I’ll go in that room with a couple of garbage bags and get it totally decluttered and ready for putting the house up for sale. Meerkats know that sharing takes time.

Foraging for food and keeping a lookout to help the colony survive, they wonder why they have kept all those ratty old and stained tea towels in the linen closet.




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2 Responses to Hey, is that a Tea Towel?

  1. Beverly King says:

    Glad to hear the antibiotics are doing their job. Infection in the body, no matter what the cause, can really take a toll.
    I have such a hard time starting when I need to clean out clutter, but once I start I can hardly stop. My family usually intervenes before I get down to bare walls and floors. 😀

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