The Database with the Answer

This is The Answer Deck miniature edition by New York artist Nicholas Zann, published by Running Press. One of the decks that escaped my notice until Steve encouraged me to get it. We should start a club: Steve Made Me Buy.


I consider black and white decks a sub-genre of my collection and I enjoy collecting them. I’ve never understood why others don’t like them as much, because the art is often way better than that in conventional decks, and the art in this is wonderful, I immediately liked it.

This is a shot of cards laid out on the spread sheet that comes with this kit, showing the back of the cards on the left. I never use the sheet but wanted to show it in the database as it came with the cards. In reality this red is much better, darker and more saturated, but my scanner always has problems with reds. The cards measure 50 x 79 mm.


Here are a couple more favourites from this deck. I’d forgotten how much I like it, so I’ll keep it out for a bit and use it.


The little booklet only has two signatures in it but they are Smyth-sewn, which is a sturdy bookbinding method that lies flat. It’s really quite unexpected for a booklet.

I was a bit surprised by the art in this deck because Nicholas Zann does much dreamier, softer portraits in oil, but he also likes cartoons and illustrations, so that ties in more with the art of this deck. Gosh, I just realized that he’s about 72 years-old now! Upon checking, I see that the full-size edition of these cards is going for whopping amounts on the secondary market, which makes me glad I bought a copy before it got too expensive, as the art is so appealing to me.

It holds up as a usable deck and a set of 73 pieces of artwork.


2 thoughts on “The Database with the Answer

  1. I take it you mean me? Sounds like something I would encourage, haha.

    As I was reading, I was thinking how nice it would be as a full size deck. I didn’t realise there was one and never heard of it.

    It’s one of those great decks which disappears and you wonder why. I should pull my copy out again. You know how I am for the red, black and white combination.

    I also noticed from your picture how much the Ending card reminds me of the Hermit in my Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot. It wasn’t intentional, of course, but a nice comparison.

    • Yes, I mean you. Oh yeah you and red, black and white. I have never seen anyone so devoted to that colour scheme!

      There is a card in the deck with two hands cupped to hold a globe of the Earth which also reminds me of a card in the Mirrors of the Heart deck and probably a couple of other decks with similar imagery in colour-definitely an archetype.

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