Buck up Cookie, I Hear You

Dave was out for a walk this morning, and Cookie was getting a bit wonky so Cerberus offered to hold him up. Dr. Boar and Mr. Fox felt this was rather nice of old Cerbs, who has a reputation for being mean and biting people.


SEA KING (King of Cups)


Such a regal fellow. Funny, today I feel the reversed meaning of this. It’s all very well to feel compassion and reconciliation toward others but sometimes you are compromising your own values. If you stay true to yourself, yet disappoint others, it’s not always a bad thing.

I’m not sure why this has come up, but I really feel focused on the reverse meaning. This King can be somewhat scatty and undecided, perhaps because he tries so hard to be all things to all people, never wanting to be seen as lacking in compassion.

I sometimes wonder if anyone actually listens to me; like this King I’ve become more used to listening to others. Certainly my immediate partner is doing exactly what he wants without considering anything I say. I wonder if some of my physical pain and chronic muscle tension and pain comes from this, as if my body was shutting down because no one was considering how it feels? For years I’ve felt like a little donkey that the spouse nags and kicks to get it doing what he wants. Over and over.

Oh, don’t I feel guilty saying that? What if I listen to myself and in doing so disappoint others, is that so bad?

Whew, emotions. Cups are not my favourite suit, they always come up with this stuff.





3 thoughts on “Buck up Cookie, I Hear You

  1. Cups are definitely not my favorite suit either – give me swords or pents any day! Your post reminds me of the lojong slogan #20 that says “Of the two witnesses, hold the principle one” (meaning I am the only one who knows what I’m thinking, feeling, etc.). I’m also the only one that knows what motivates me (or demotivates me). So listen to yourself – you need to hear what you have to say, even if those around you don’t. Gentle hug to you.

    • I’ve got to haul out that Lojong card then and read up a bit.

      Thanks Bev, you have such a good memory for the Buddhist slogans and I don’t yet. I have a hard time assimilating such things permanently.

  2. Ha, I’m another one who isn’t keen on the cups, despite training as a psychotherapist 😀 It’s definitely important to listen to yourself, though. And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could reduce your pain by honouring your feelings!

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