The Holy Red Coat, Travelling

I’ve been in and out of bed today. I went to the library, but still healing I guess.

KNIGHT OF FOXES (Knight of Cups)


My fox figurine came in the mail today and doesn’t he look well with these cards? One of the reasons I wanted the Papo brand fox rather than the Schleich fox was that this fox is much more realistic. He’s a travelling fox and you can really see his black stockings like all the foxes in this suit.

Here, the fox on the card is on his moose and hunting for the Holy Grail. What a daydreamer, like me today.




4 thoughts on “The Holy Red Coat, Travelling

    • I was thinking I was finished with the figures for this deck but then this moose popped up–is it a sign?? Schleich has a very handsome moose figurine…..

      Still aching, not too good today either.

  1. He’s fabulous! I also love the figurine and card matches.

    I hope you feel better soon! Might it lift your spirits a little to know that a little Jiffy bag of postcards is on its way from the UK?

    • Isn’t he good, looks just like a real fox. Reminds me of the fox you saw in the garden when you moved into your current house.

      It would indeed LIFT my spirits to know you have sent postcards. Honestly, I just love getting them!! Thanks Steve, you’re the best. 😉

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