Database in Denmark

No, it isn’t a Shakespeare deck and Hamlet, It’s the Javanne Tarot by author Karen Javanna Jordell, and illustrator Annelie Zofia Bisgaard. The Danish book was translated into English by Serena Rose Blossom and is bound between acetate covers. I ordered it from a shop in Denmark and had it shipped to Canada (which you can still do today.)


Years ago, one of my tarot compatriots told me about this. She no longer speaks to me since assuming I’d said something in an e-mail I hadn’t. We could all ditch e-mail and get back to real communication.

However, she got me interested in this deck and she had great interest in art decks as she was training to be an art therapist and the illustrator of this deck is an art therapist. K. Frank Jensen gave this deck an awful review, and ripped into the art on this deck, and ridiculed it. Really, art is subjective and I rather like these cards and the women who created them. I also think art therapy is very important. Frank may be a tarot “expert” but he’s closed-minded in some ways.


The 90 x 90 mm cards have matte laminate and are of very high quality cardstock. The original art was done on 1 meter square canvases by Annelie, who was inspired by two books: Between Worlds and On the Path. The author, Karen Javanna Jordell, has been working with the tarot over 25 years.

The deck is unique because each card can be turned in four different directions. In this way the cards can show you “where you are in your inner landscape at this exact moment.” I actually never use the four directions but consider the four directional write-ups much like I do reversals, where it all can go into the interpretation.

My deck came in a dark green silk bag with leather cording and some glass beads on the ends. As understand it, at the time I ordered it each deck came in a unique bag with odd beads. I’ve seen others in red silk: another from of creativity in coloured silk and beads. These days they don’t come with a bag, I think they are packaged in a box.

It is still available at the website if you are interested. Make sure you order the English book. It is 365 Danish Krone (DKK) which converts to about $60 CAD or $55 USD plus shipping. That is a good price for a book and card set.

As in all decks, some cards are better than others but it’s a nice set and holds up for me. I find the art rather joyous and colourful and the book is well written and insightful.




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