Dave Meets the Big Cookie with Grace

Oh that Dave, he is so fond of people and cookies. Today though, he met the BIG Cookie and stopped to chat with him about mail art. Cookie likes to make his own artistamps to decorate letters and envelopes, and Dave thought this was a terrific idea and couldn’t wait to try it.

XIV – GRACE (Temperance)


This cat manages to handle everything he walks through with poise and grace. It doesn’t hurt that someone is dangling a big cookie in front of him. Eyes on the prize little Siamese friend.

The reverse of this card speaks to me today. I was trying to clean my washer yesterday and the water over-ran the sink with all the dog hair clogging the drain during the spin cycle. Of course these things always happen when you’re alone right? So I scrambled and mopped and had a good cry but I am very sore today. After it was over, the spouse came home with Cookie which gave me a chuckle, and then the spouse-oh helped me to clean up.

Sometimes things are overwhelming and you can’t find equilibrium. It looks like things around here are simply going to be like that while we prepare to move. We had planned to have the house up for sale by now but we can’t get contractors to come, and I feel upset, and out of balance with no way to control timing.

So it’s challenging, but what I can do is look after my health and honour my body, mind, and spirit through it all. That cat of course tells me to keep my eyes on the prize, the Big Cookie of the new life.

Grace tiptoes through the waves, as they come in and out crashing against the walkway.


8 thoughts on “Dave Meets the Big Cookie with Grace

  1. Sorry to hear things feel so out of control. We’ve had contractors in, off and on, for a year and a half now. Every time we think they’re finished, something else pops up. Hope yours works out much less time consuming, so that you can move and find your new sense of calm! 🙂

    • I hate whining all the time, but honestly it gets you down, the frustration of contractors.

      Still, Dave got a cookie, all’s right with the world!

  2. A timely post as I currently struggle with equilibrium after coming home from choir today in tears, as yes even that gives me pain…and being fed up with it all and being overwhelmed with all I have to do to get our place sorted…sometimes a mess has to be made/tolerated in order to clear….at least that is what I keep telling myself as I seem to make more mess during this clearing and sorting process.

    • I noticed your were having major pain again Lorraine. I thought it had improved. I can imagine singing would put pressure on your head and neck and hurt. Darn, it is so disheartening for you. I take it you are still hoping to go back to NZ?

      You and I probably share a similar fate in that we are loaded down with fabric and craft supplies and such. When we moved here we had very little, but 28 years later the place is full. It IS a bit daunting contemplating a long move.

      • Very disheartening!

        Well I am always hopeful! We have been starting to prepare the house, but I am not sure whether hubby is really committed to going – I am not sure he is going to be able to leave his Mum (plus she has been VERY unwell and hospitalised recently) and how do I cope with that? So difficult with split families.

        As for the stuff, yes, I just don’t know what to do with it all, and it really is amazing how much you collect and gather after 20 years. I basically started again with nothing when I came here…I sometimes wonder if that is why I have such a hard time letting things go.

        • We have the split family thing too–husband’s family is in the UK.

          My parents let me buy things occasionally but it really was like pulling teeth. I’d want to try needlepoint or making candles or something and my Mom would say “Oh Judy, why do you want to do that?” with much derision in her voice.

          Because I want to try it that’s why.

          The spouse has always encouraged me to try everything, he loves my creativity, and that’s basically why I have a lot of supplies. That and the fact that after marriage we never had a lot of money until 15 or 20 years ago. It took me years to get supplies and have things to work with.

          Listen, I’ve seen your work, you have a hard time letting things go because you need them for creative pursuits or the display of same. Nothing wrong with that. Creative people are always wanting to try new things, it’s what makes life bearable.

  3. “Grace tiptoes through the waves, as they come in and out crashing against the walkway.” – What a lovely way to describe dealing with reality with equanimity. 🙂
    LOVE that cookie; got to give kudos to a husband who brings home a cookie like that. 😀
    All contractors, repair people, etc. seem to have their own timetable (that never runs like mine!). Hope you can find something enjoyable to do to fill that limbo time until they arrive.

    • Oh well, I always enjoy reading–I just got the bio. of Vita Sackville-West that I ordered in from the library. I made some new stationery and faux stamps in Photoshop, so that was fun.

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