UHU Dave on the Blue and White Walkway

Still feeling punk after my fall, my right leg and foot are are purply green with bruises and swollen. I can hardly get my shoe on, so Dave has stepped in to go for a walk for me.

It’s amazing the people and things you meet, staying in the moment on your daily walk. Dave and one of Tilly’s twins Biscuit, were out this morning examining some Japanese paper they came across, and they bumped into the big UHU stick. I always find bumbling into glue sticks rather serendipitous, and Dave of course enjoys meeting everybody so they had a good chat.



The Cat is called The Fool in other decks. Experiencing everything he comes across, living in the moment, he could learn a few life lessons from Dave I expect, the buddy of glue sticks.

Biscuit now wants to travel to Japan. Deal with that Dave, awaken your spirit to wonder.




One thought on “UHU Dave on the Blue and White Walkway

  1. I’m glad that, even when you’re in pain, you can keep your sense of humour, and stop to smell the roses 😀

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