Bison Like Big Cards

I received my American Museum of Natural History Photographic Card Deck a day early and boy are the cards BIG! They measure 6 3/8 inches square or about 162 mm square; they are really spectacular.


Strangely enough we saw the movie Night at the Museum last week which features this museum, so we might get the second and third movies in the series out. The story is kind of lame but the setting is gorgeous.



There is a huge diorama of Bison in the Hall of North American Mammals at the museum. Theodore Roosevelt was important to preserving bison and their ranges, and he launched programs that would protect 230 million acres of land in the United States. There is another hall in this museum dedicated to Roosevelt which you see in the movie, and there is a medallion on the floor near a statue of Roosevelt which shows a bison grazing in the national park named for Roosevelt in the North Dakota Badlands.

How handy that I had a relevant figurine for this.





2 thoughts on “Bison Like Big Cards

  1. Holy cow (uh, I mean bison), those are big! But I imagine the photos deserve a big canvas so all the lovely details can be seen. I wonder if the Museum movie is on Netflix. I’ve watched all of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and need something light for evening entertainment.

    • I don’t have Netflix but it is likely to be on there. I would say it’s more like a B movie. I thought it was going to be ultra goofy but we persevered through the beginning and it picked up.

      Yup, it’s light. Still, we’re going to try the second one in the series.

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