The Swan Glider Causes Ripples

I ordered the natural history deck I wanted. 100 large cards, filled with delightful information and clear photographs—can’t beat that. Wonder of wonders, they had the Papo brand fox I’ve been wanting for months since I got the Badgers Forest Tarot, so I ordered that too for $6.95.




The swan knows! The second swan I’ve pulled in a week. Intuition is like ripples on water when the swan is swimming. White for femininity and purity (no swearing today) and water for depths of the mind and intuition.

I have not had a great week; I’m still awfully sore from the fall I took and neither my husband nor I are in a good mood. We skulk about, avoiding each other. Yesterday I could hardly speak I felt so worn out.

Glide and swirl, glide and swirl in the depths.




2 thoughts on “The Swan Glider Causes Ripples

  1. You are such an enabling tease… show the lovely natural history box of cards, and you know I can’t help but go in search of them. 😀

    Sorry your mind and body are aching. Do you have any novels handy? The kind you can just read for pure fun? Maybe that would give you a chance to rest and heal. I just finished “People of the Book” on kindle for book club and enjoyed it. The time warps in the book threw me a little, but over all an interesting read.

    • I have their (Black Dog & Leventhal) other deck on the Periodic Table of the Elements and this deck I think is the same size and general setup–they really have gobs of info on them. Such big cards and how can you beat 100 cards?

      Yes, I do have some murder mysteries handy Bev. I’ve churned through 2 light Hamish Macbeth novels and now I’m revisiting an old James Lee Burke mystery with the Dave Robicheaux character.

      Just looked up People of the Book…looks interesting. My library has it so I’ll take it out next time I’m down there. Thanks, I’m mending a bit slower than I thought I would.

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