Raven Eats a Lotus in the Database

This is Nature’s Wisdom Oracle by Mindy Lighthipe which was published by Schiffer in 2011. And rightly so, Mindy is an award-winning botanical illustrator and nature lover who does illustrations of birds, mammals , insects, and flowers.


48 cards with a 104-page booklet. The booklet has reproductions of the cards in black and white with a one-page write-up for each card with details on the animal and any attendant mythology or folklore. The cards are a large 127 x 89 mm.

“These oracle cards display the power of Nature’s Wisdom that comes through the beautiful art of Mindy Lighthipe. The messages are deeply rooted in the essence of humanity, with each card representing a facet of nature that is the spirit of living with nature. These messages are interwoven with animals and plants as part of its symbology, as well as a special message that helps the reader gain positive insight into the past, present, and future.”

Don’t you love these descriptions on card boxes? As if the Universe was going to open up to you for $22 and display the very secrets of humanity. You thought it was hard to parse the meaning of life, but the deep folk at Schiffer have figured it out for us. They have also jacked the prices up to exhorbitant amounts on their tarot sets, in the area of $60 for some, so I don’t bother looking any more. Lose the big, honking boxes and the meaningless gobbledygook Schiffer.

Fortunately I was able to afford this deck; it’s one of my favourite nature decks and art decks at the same time. Click to enlarge.


A lovely, properly-sized box, with beautiful cards and colour. In the background of each card, they have ghosted a large, detailed version of the illustration, which I think looks nice. They often do this at Hay House and other publishers for decks too. It strikes me that the Daffodil card would look good mounted on hand marbled book covers, with gloriously expensive and delicious art paper bound inside.

Oooh, where was I? I winked out of time, contemplating the mysteries of publishing earth-shattering insights into the complexities of symbology and nature.

Am I becoming a cynic?






7 thoughts on “Raven Eats a Lotus in the Database

  1. With all the decks I have bought over the years, I should have learned the secrets of humanity by now. 😀 This is one of the few Schiffer decks I have that I like, and though I’m not a lover of large borders, these are lovely.

    • I initially was happy that Schiffer was pushing to publish more decks but they seem to have dropped the ball.

      However, they picked up Ash’s Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot which deserves a wider audience. I have a feeling they’re going to ghettoize it at $60 in one of those silly giganto boxed sets though. Most unfortunate.

      I can see why they might want publications to look different, to scream “Schiffer publication,” but many of their deck sets do that in a bad way.

  2. The problem with some of their sets is that I have actually preferred the packaging to the deck …

    The Chronicles of Destiny was a well-put-together-piece-of-kit though and I appreciated the thought that went into every aspect. The book-box makes it attractive to store in and store on a shelf. But I agree with you – as you’ve said before, I only want the deck. I don’t need all of the rest. I feel the same about Llewellyn’s packaging (I did hear that had something to do with people stealing smaller boxes or something like that). If it cuts the cost, then I’m all for slimming down both the packaging and the price.

    We’re both cynics, Judy 🙂

  3. omg I spit-take choked at your second paragraph XD Clearly, the Universe /won’t/ open up to you for $22; now for $60, maybe you can work something out…

    Those cards are very, very beautiful. I appreciate that they are different from each other, while still forming a cohesive whole and the enlarged backgrounds are a genius move.

    • You mean, Schiffer doesn’t hold the secrets of the Universe meted out in increments of $22???!!!

      But they told us they did. Crummy buttons

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