Who Ya Gonna Trust?



My naturopath told me I had trouble with boundaries. She wanted me to take a course with someone but I didn’t have the money. It’s probably a residual effect of birth order: I’m the youngest and simply deferred to others because it was easier than being labelled “difficult” or worse.

I love this particular thought from the back of the card:

“I will release my naïve assumption that the other person is always right. I will exchange that view for trusting and listening to myself…”

Happy Sunday!





7 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Trust?

  1. After having seen a YouTube video on how to live you life authentically. (By Owlmoon), this message is very timely for me. To listen to your inner voice and looking within for who we really are is so important

  2. You always have the most interesting decks! Loving the little lace clouds 🙂 I have this problem too, when it comes to people in positions of authority, also due to upbringing. Have transcribed this message to a post-it which is stuck to my PC monitor now!

    (p.s. Hello! This is the ex-princess and the sea/submerina. I’m baaaaaack :D)

    • Hey, it’s you! I had seen you around Steve’s Instagram account and saw some of your own photos. Lovely to see your particular exuberance inhabiting the airways again. I missed you when you shut down the Submerina blog.

      We all need our time away to refresh.

      Yes, I do like these odd little decks with primitive art. I used to buy lots of them but not so much any more. I’m now on a fountain pen kick. Something tells me a Pilot Metropolitan pen with hot pink fountain pen ink might be suitable for you. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)


    • Yes, it certainly gave some depth to the card.

      “Maintaining boundaries” has become like the business speak gobbledygook, the psychbabble becomes meaningless, but one sentence can bring such clarity to one of these tired phrases.

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