Pearls Before Peacocks



The same thought patterns result in the same defeat, the same story we invest our energy in. Feel exactly what you feel and allow that emotion to run freely through, and then disengage and become clearer of these emotional addictions.

Easier said than done.

The bamboo card is a success card but carries a whiff of trouble later as if pride of success will lead to vanity or overbearing self-confidence and people might resent that.

Oh, that raven likes to hang onto his shiny ideas and thought patterns, hiding them in the nest, not letting them go.

Tsk, tsk.




3 thoughts on “Pearls Before Peacocks

  1. These decks look lovely together. I think I would trust that raven more than the peacock. I saw a peacock at the wildlife park here (they roamed freely) attacking the side of a silver van (it saw its reflection). It would spread its tail feathers, strut back and forth, then go at it with claws and beak. I can just imagine the story the owner had to tell his insurance agent. 🙂

    • I love peacocks. One of the farms here had them and the bird’s haunting cries in the morning were lovely. Some nasty neighbour got up a petition to get the peacocks out of here and we refused to sign it.

      As they gradually died off they were not replaced and I miss them.

      • They do have some unusual, otherworldly cries. I miss ours at the park. When the city flooded, they flew off (the park crew were able to get the other animals to safety, but couldn’t catch these birds).

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