Fly in the Face of the Moon Story

Another great pair today. It’s often hard to get two decks that work together both visually and with their meanings but I am pleased that this random pairing is melding together nicely.

9. BEING – DRAGONFLY (Except dragonflies don’t hold their wings like this, only damselflies do)


I learned when writing the review for The Messenger Cards the difference between dragonflies and damselflies. Before that I always assumed everything was a dragonfly (as did Sandra Kunz obviously) but not so. Dragonfly wings are always held out to the side, perpendicular to the body and they can’t move them from that position, whereas damselflies hold them more like a bird as in this picture. Know you know!

The dragonfly, because of the iridescence of his wings, is an illusionist. The particular illusion in this is when you feel you are only the physical world of your existence, that’s the story, that you are anchored here and part of the world. But we aren’t, we are something else, some energy, but not tied to the physical world. If we can detach from the story we can connect to something lighter and larger, the true connection rather than our illusion.

I also like the clouds that Sandra has painted in this card which are often used as a symbol of obfuscation, as if the truth is obscured by the story. Buddhism is big on letting go of the stories we tell, the mask, perhaps damselfly is a Buddhist?

Mr. Toad sitting among the bamboo knows what a versatile plant it is. I didn’t realize this but what we see as the man in the moon, the Chinese interpret as the figures of Hare and Toad. Another nod to illusion in today’s draw.

I am still sore and bruised after my fall. My husband was sniggering slyly yesterday during a comment about moving the planters from our side door so that people viewing the house wouldn’t fall over them. I didn’t find it funny. The illusion of the caring spouse…haha. A reminder of the illusion that other people will support you; most of it comes from within.

This card can be about healing and recovery from illness, and maybe because illusion is the watchword today, the illusion of hopelessness I often feel about my health. The idea of creating my own reality, the freedom to experience another possibility is pretty strong here.


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