The West Beckons in Retirement

30 – WEST


Bison runs through the dust of the prairies and the dust swirls up and looks like gold. That’s the alchemy because similarly you can take the dust of your situation and kick it up, change it, create anything.

The Mah Jongg card is a direction card. I was just delighted when I read about this because apart from the direction, which we will be following when we move, that’s the objective, this card and the setting sun can also signify retirement. The associated season for this card is Autumn, which is when we hope to move, or sooner.

How perfect is this combination? Yesterday we were a bit discouraged after looking at real estate listings, but today my husband got busy painting the house and I did some cooking and cleaning. These cards gave me such a lift this morning.


4 thoughts on “The West Beckons in Retirement

  1. Moving house is always stressful, especially across state/country lines. Glad these cards gave you a boost 🙂

    • We’ve never moved this far, the most we have moved is 120 kms and that involved a small truck and a few friends. It’s going to be an experience for sure.

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