Owls and Parakeets and Wrens and Water and Air

1 OF BIRDS (Ace of Cups)
Quaker Parakeet


Pair an owl which represents wisdom for many, with this King along with his sense of order and authority, and you get a deep sense of things being okay if you remain in the realm of the intellect and don’t let emotions and circumstances upset you.

The Ace in the Cups suit is the epitome of friendship, contentment, all matters of the heart and is a cheery chappie besides. For me the Aces are the ultimate in a suit, so he represents the whole of emotion, feeling everything, yet remaining himself, singing, being green, the beginning of the suit, a fresh outlook.

I am feeling slightly better today although I had to knock myself out with 2 motion sickness tablets to sleep 10 hours. The aftershocks of those pills had me down for a two-hour nap this afternoon. My pain is not quite as bad and I am drinking water, eating vegetables, taking my vitamins and carrying on, which is something the King of Swords would approve of. The 1 of Birds reminds me to balance my emotions too for a full recovery.

We have wrens nesting on the property and they chitter and sing all day, it’s a wonderfully bright song, full of sweetness and nature. These two birds on the cards are helping me along too.


4 thoughts on “Owls and Parakeets and Wrens and Water and Air

  1. That green parakeet makes me think of Kermit singing “It Isn’t Easy Being Green.” 🙂 It isn’t easy feeling sick either, so I’m glad you had a long night’s sleep and are feeling a bit better.
    I love wrens; they are may be tiny but they’re bursting with energy and song!

    Yesterday morning as I was checking email, I looked out the window (which overlooks my bird feeders) and saw a fuzzy animal on my low feeder. A kitten? A strange squirrel? Nope… it was a baby possum! 🙂

    • We have a catbird nesting in the back yard–noisy creatures but interesting. It was driving me nuts at dawn, squawking with the wrens.

      Ooooh, a baby possum, that is neat. I like possums, I keep trying to find the O’Possum with Babies figure by Safari to go with the Badgers Forest Tarot.

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