Big Heads Bouncing with Flexible Strength

I was delighted after my draw yesterday with an e-mail and phone call about a huge secret. Someone in the family did in vitro fertilization and is now pregnant with a boy (perhaps Mr. Harum Scarum?) They’ve been keeping this a secret for about ten weeks until all the tests were done. So, as the card said “I only keep good secrets” and someone did.

RAVEN – I Believe In Magick


It won’t surprise anyone to hear that I don’t believe in magick. It may be there, but it’s never happened to me. Jesus has never zoomed down to perform miracles in my life either. Am I not worth it, do I not pray enough Big J?

Raven is a trickster with a haunting voice. His black colour reminds us of the mysterious, and the place of “Great Unknowing” where the powers and great Spirit of the Universe reside. He can fly back and forth between that and us humans, like a messenger. See yourself worthy of receiving: perhaps that’s it, my worthy transmitter broke.

For Strength, I think I might be getting a whiff of the reversed meaning in lack of direction and being overwhelmed. Yet mastery and control are part of this card; that cat stands his ground while the big dog licks him.

My cat often goes up to my Newfoundland dog to get a cuddle and she gets licked and licked while they both enjoy the company. The big dog could simply knock her over, but she never does. There’s a certain adaptability or flexibility to Strength that I haven’t considered before. It’s control, but it’s a flexible control, like bouncing back after a large dog licks your ear and your whole head bounces around.

Raven of course knows this from visiting the Great Unknowing.




2 thoughts on “Big Heads Bouncing with Flexible Strength

  1. Wow, I love that raven card. Magick, intercessory prayer… I don’t have faith in either. But Mystery and Something Greater than My Ego – now that I can get behind. Of course if you put any kind of dogma and start attaching labels, I’ll run in the other direction. 😀

    We’ve never had cats and dogs that got along, so that description of your two warmed my heart. I suppose it’s because we’ve never raised them together – one would come in after another was already established.

    • Our Newf was a rescue dog and I don’t think she’d lived with cats, but as soon as she came home she decided that licking the cats good morning was a nifty thing to do.

      Tosca, the cat I was speaking about in my post, was 6 years-old when the Newf came and is generally standoffish, but perhaps having a dog pleasantly lick you good morning for years made her come around.

      How could you not like someone who greets you with a happy face and a kiss every day?

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