The Belled Cat Keeps a Secret

Back to reality after being winked out of the universe by The Great Envelope Imperative.

KNIGHT OF CATS (Knight of Swords) – Russian Blue Cat
LYNX – I Only Keep Good Secrets


Two cats today, and one of them is Mr. Harum Scarum, my Russian Blue Knight of Swords. He often comes up for me, reminding me not to dash off and do things impetuously. There is something to be said for being quick-acting though. I find especially for creative projects that I often need to dash off and get things done because if I overthink things, I never get them down in concrete form. Despite having a bell around his neck, this Knight will still take action.

The illustration on the Lynx card was done by Sioux Dollman, who is mentioned in tiny print inside the book. A bad secret might be when someone says “Don’t tell” when they are being abusive to you, and a good secret might be keeping a confidence when someone tells you they are getting a job promotion.

Don’t go dashing off saying you will keep a secret when you won’t, is Mr. Harum Scarum’s advice. There are people who blab and gossip and you just can’t trust.

Cats are good at keeping secrets, talk to your trustworthy cat friends.




2 thoughts on “The Belled Cat Keeps a Secret

  1. Your draws today remind me of the Geico commercial about the man in quicksand trying to get a cat to go for help. The cat just gives him the stare and the voice over says, “Cats ignore people. That’s just what they do.” 😀 The man obviously didn’t know that you have to make yourself interesting to a cat to get them to pay attention – like with a warm lap or kitty kibble.

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