The View from the Cage



A wake-up call, a call to action, opportunity. I always think of canaries down coal mines to warn of deadly gases. If the canaries keel over and die, you need to get out of the mine.

There is a sense here of escape which I like.

For the last two days I’ve been working on my weekly sketch. Every week I vow to loosen up and every week I seem to get bogged down in details. Five hours in and I’m still not finished. Hopefully tomorrow, but it has been enjoyable because I’ve been drawing and painting on my sunporch and I can see the tree swallows nesting and hear the wrens and watch the orioles and chipmunks, in a room that has windows all around and is light and cheery.

I could be trapped in worse places. That canary has a 360° view like me on my sunporch.




4 thoughts on “The View from the Cage

  1. Sounds like a beautiful place to work! And I shall look forward to seeing what has come of all that detail 🙂
    Love this version of Judgement – that sense of starting a whole new life, unfettered by the restrictions of the past!

  2. Oh, I really like this Judgment too. I often think I need freeing from the my mental cage. But once out, I can see with 360 degree view, instead of the narrow focus I had. Then I realize I had the key to freedom the whole time. 🙂
    About to go email you my sketch now…

    • I am always impressed that you can get these sketches done with all the stuff going on down there.

      I hope to catch up with you later today!

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