Rabbits Know the Mystery of Kindness

I have reached the pinnacle of human knowledge: I found out how to do automatic duplex printing on my inkjet printer yesterday. It’s a small thing but it worked. I then made myself a lined insert for my fauxdori on new paper that I can use with fountain pens. Yeah, it’s very exciting.

18 – MOON


Another drop-dead gorgeous card from the Blue Dog Rose Tarot.

Oh sure, learn duplex printing la-dee-da, then forget to spend 2 minutes adjusting for the crummy scanning abilities of the printer. I had to go back and adjust those Levels in Photoshop, it bugged me. A tricky thing obsession…

The ever-changing moon-like quality of life, impermanence and the tricky quality of computers and crazy 3-day weekend traffic and how the world is changing, leaving one tharn (see Watership Down for clarification), and overwhelmed, frozen in uncertainty.

I can’t get it all out of my mind, I saw photographs of parrots being smuggled by being stuffed in plastic pop bottles and I can’t get it out of my mind, I just want to escape the human species, the insufferable disconnection we have to our cruelty.

I was in a public washroom yesterday. Two stalls one sink. The woman ahead of me went to the sink and rattled out a bunch of make-up on the counter and was standing there peering at herself. I cringed in and washed my hands, apologizing, and thanked her when I’d finished washing my hands. As I left she said in a confrontational tone “You could have waited your turn” to which I replied “Yes I could have, sorry” and left.

Had I waited and stood behind her waiting and waiting while she did her hair and make-up, no doubt she would have crabbed “What are you looking at?” or “Why are you watching me?” or some such thing. I was never going to win, she was a troglodyte from her bleached hair, pink striped t-shirt, denim overalls, and hard, lined face; looking for a fight, looking to be mean. Make-up and teenybopper clothes won’t help you, woman at the mirror.

I fled, not wanting to interact with people for weeks again. Under the Moon, I sit and ponder how much better the Universe would be without all of us, we humans stuffing birds into plastic bottles and pretending we are pretty.


8 thoughts on “Rabbits Know the Mystery of Kindness

  1. Being “mooned” by a bunny – how could you not love this card? 😀
    It is hard to love people when their outer actions are so unlovable. Hard to remember they feel loss, anxiety and frustration just like me, when all I see is their cruelty or curtness. I remember a teacher being asked about the goodness in a particular person who had done terrible things. How do you see the Buddha-nature/divine spark in such a person, what is good about them? The teacher replied that when the person exhaled his breath fed the trees. 😀

    • This is one of my favourite decks for the subtle way she brings such emotion to animals. Nakisha has had lots of animals so knows them well. The beautiful watercolours paired with a knowing about animal souls–dynamic.

      Now that’s an interesting thought: smugglers of exotic pets feed the trees too. As do strange women who frighten introverted geeks in washrooms.

      Oh my Bev, I should read more.

  2. I love the ‘feeding trees’ piece …

    One of my biggest problems is taking things personally. I try not to but it is difficult. In situations like the one you mention, I try to remember that people like that woman probably forget about me instantly, while I carry that experience and keep it alive. I have many in my back catalogue which still affect me today (although my work with Kabbalah is continuing to rip the weeds out of my past).

    I had never heard of things like the parrot. It sickens me. Whatever you imagine goes on out there, chances are there is always something far worse.

    • The Daily Mail has an online article about the b—–d who smuggled the parrots. Absolutely horrendous disconnect from compassion.

      I am getting better at not taking things personally. I used to work with people extensively in my job, but I’ve lost it now, quite devoted to my hermitage. I think it’s an emotional response to being overwhelmed by large numbers of people.

      Yes, the bit about carrying the experience and keeping it alive is exactly IT. For some reason it blew up in my mind and stayed there.

  3. It all comes back to breath – when something like that niggles me, I try to remember to just breathe it out, not hold onto it. Strangely, perhaps, the ones that seem to bother me most are often the most fleeting – the person who doesn’t stop at a zebra crossing, or cuts me up on the pavement, or who says “Really!” in an offended tone when I apologise for something that wasn’t even my fault 😀
    Speaking of obsessions, I keep forgetting to ask, please could you enable the bit so I’ll get an automatic email letting me know about follow-up comments? Pretty please 🙂

    • Doh (I had it unchecked), now I do have it enabled Chloe, sorry about that. Here is the relevant page for following comments in WordPress:

      1) You have to check the box under the comments box that says to notify you of follow-up comments.
      2) Then you’ll get an e-mail where you have to confirm that if you aren’t logged into WordPress.

      That should work. Even I get the box after any comment I make too.

      I must remember to breathe when people upset me–amazing how you don’t, isn’t it?

      • Thanks for that, I’ve been meaning to say it for months 🙂 Yay, the button appeared as soon as I clicked reply – for ages I’ve just kept a tab open with any post I’d commented on here, to check for updates 😀 Hmm, what were we saying about obsessions 😉
        Yes, given how natural breathing is, it’s amazing how much trouble it can give us!

        • Well, I have it enabled on my other blogs and I’m sure I once had it enabled here. Sometimes I go around and change things, so I must have inadvertently unchecked it.

          Anyway, glad you said something!

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