Dances with Parrots

I was working on my weekly sketch for two days and don’t seem to be able to do more than one thing. It’s like I can do the card blog or an outdoor sketch or the weekly sketch but I can’t do them all at once. It gets a bit frustrating, but if I do a lot I get exhausted or my hand starts hurting.

So I am doing a laundry now, which is a good time to do the daily card too.

X OF BIRDS – GREEN PARROT – (10 of Cups)


Look at that parrot, he’s ready to go, bursting with exuberance and happiness. He had a nice shower and wants to get going and do something.

The Devotion card is about connecting to the Divine, expressing gratitude, and making devotion a daily habit. I have been writing daily in a Gratitude Journal since January and it’s a quiet, nice thing to do. In looking back it makes me realize all the things I do have.

Including lots of card decks. Can’t beat that.





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