I Like this Australian Wildflower Deck

I saw a deck I liked with linocut art coloured with watercolour; gouache to be exact. I have put it on my wish list but it’s a bit pricey for me right now.


It’s the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey, and has 44 cards. They are large 3 x 5 inch cards (my favourite, the bigger, the better), and rather exuberant in execution. She refers to herself as an “environmental artist” and I like her thoughts on noticing things, and looking deeper at the Earth and things in nature we take for granted. She also says that the cards could lead to deeper study beyond divinatory use which is my approach to cards as well. Mythology, human tradition, learning about Australia, and botany are all wrapped up in these.

She is apparently working on two more nature-inspired decks and a book later this year and into 2016.

Having done a linocut myself when reviewing the Mirrors of the Heart deck in 2004, I appreciate artists who use this technique.

I think this is definitely a deck that would have meaning for me. I don’t see it being used on blogs but there are some great videos of it.

I’m in a bit of a funk which popped up after my recent finishing of Japonica, my fauxdori, but these came up some how when I was looking at art tutorials, so they cheered me up and got me thinking forward again.

I am hopefully working on my weekly sketch which I started planning last Tuesday in a grisaille technique, but I had to finish this journal.


6 thoughts on “I Like this Australian Wildflower Deck

  1. I like your description of the author’s focus, though the images themselves leave me a little cold. Perhaps as and when you get it and blog with it… 😉

    • I’m out of money for a while since I spent about $35 making Japonica, my new art journal.

      The art reminds me visually of the Magical Menagerie deck. I have loved linocuts since the World Spirit Tarot, which was probably why I liked Mirrors of the Heart and why I was drawn to this one. There is just something compelling about seeing the hand of the artist amongst all the dead digital collage that abounds these days.

      I think this is one of those decks where the line art can be confusing, but if you sit pondering it for a while it comes out. When I looked at Cheralyn’s video overview, the book looked really good, with full page black and white reproductions of each card, plus the cards are BIG, love that.

  2. There is something bold and beautiful about the linocuts, and this deck seems lovely. I’ve never heard of someone calling themselves an environmental artist, but that makes me all the more curious about her and her artwork.
    Off to work on my sketch before the Mother’s Day Marathon begins here (a good thing, but exhausting!).

    • I don’t get Mother’s Day this early in May, didn’t it used to be the third week in May? Not being a Mom, I get vague since my own Mom died so long ago.

      Yes, I like the boldness of it. Gouache (which you now know about since I used it on the Meissen sketch in our weekly sketching thing) is opaque so it seems to bring out the linework in this, really makes things pop like a poster.

      Hey, if you need an extra day don’t worry about it. My sketch is only in preliminaries–hoping to get more done when the golf is on this afternoon. We are having a heat wave here so I want to come down to the basement and work where it’s cooler.

      • Just being curious, but what temperature is considered a heat wave there? We had 90F today – a stay in the shade kind of day!
        I’ve been working on my sketch for a few days on and off; I should finish it up with no problem by Monday.

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