Splinters of Singing



The Axolotl is endangered because of urbanization and pollution of the lakes around Mexico City where they are found. They are an amphibian related to salamanders but they don’t develop lungs to live on land and are aquatic and gilled. I love drawing reptiles and amphibians, I must have a go at this guy one day.

They have these amazingly human faces as you can see in Megan’s drawing, like a splinter of human singing. They are apparently regenerative so a reminder to regenerate when we are in less than perfect circumstances or dealing with difficult people.

I overdid it making my new art journal Fauxdori, which I call Japonica, but it’s done now and my daffodils are blooming so I want to go out and draw them. For me, that’s the regeneration, using something I have made and not letting it sit unused.

My husband has been out for days in the garden enjoying himself and I have been inside, feeling sick. So I must get out today! I took my art paper and made these little booklets for my Fauxdori to draw in, they look so pretty, as if all the fun of life awaits me.


If I would only GO outside. It’s a struggle for me, but Axolotl reminds me to thrash through the obstacles and breathe, open my gills up.

Japonica awaits……….









4 thoughts on “Splinters of Singing

  1. “so thin a splinter of singing” – what a wordsmith Sandburg was. I can almost feel the battle between the glimmer of hope and the cold darkness coming. I’ve never heard of or seen a picture of an axolotl – what an interesting and quirky animal it is!
    Your notebook is simply GORGEOUS. Now light a fire under yourself and go out there and draw some daffodils! 😀

    • When I looked the axolotl up in my big book of reptiles and amphibians Bev, they mentioned how easy these were to breed in the laboratory and how they were often used for “biological experiments” –as usual we humans have to destroy everything.

      Thanks for the compliment on my notebook. I’m working up to going outside. WILL get out today for sure. I did some tests of my Lamy Safari pen with the grey ink on my chosen paper for today and I’m good to go.

      Sandburg–read an interesting bio of him too. The only thing that bugged me was his chronic adultery (he was married to photographer Edward Steichen’s equally interesting sister)–bit iffy on that adultery but I love his poetry and he had a fascinating life.

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