Squeezing Energy to Achieve Goals

Hey, guess who found a piece of leather for making a Fauxdori? That would be me. Michael’s had a piece of just the right thickness with enough flexibility for a spine. I used a 40% off coupon. For $13.56 CAD plus about $3.00 for elastic I bought the materials to make it; a far cry from the $70+ price of buying one. It is brown leather but it’s a grey/brown so not too bad. I’m using greens, blues, and taupe colours inside.


Yesterday I was making a booklet with lilac paper, and a custom manila folder for pockets. I need to decorate those and throughout the week I’ll make and decorate some more booklets with art paper.

Emerald Tree Boa


He has teeth like that Wand to hold prey while he eats the particular animal. “Seize the day!” he squeezes out the salutation during his morning feed. Renew the sense of adventure of life and get things done.

If only my arm would cooperate. It is sore. Green the boa, green the day.




4 thoughts on “Squeezing Energy to Achieve Goals

    • I was so relieved Ellen. When I get an idea in my mind I simply cannot rest until I can do it. However I would never have had the money to buy one and this is a good solution.

      I like to do simple bookbinding and paper projects so I’m delighted I will be able to make useful things for this. I haven’t got my courage up for making the holes in the leather yet but I,m working up to it.

    • I’ll probably do up a post on my JJColourArt blog Bev. Right now I,ve got knitting needles stuck through the holes I punched in the leather, attempting to enlarge and open them.

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