Happily Joyous Under The Sun

I have a sandcast sculpture of a sea otter that I gave my Mom once and then got back when we sold the parental home. She called him Joey, and he sits on my bookcase in the living room. Gavin Maxwell forever cemented otters in my mind, so I like having a small sculpture of one.



It’s that kind of day, full of play and joy. It’s okay to be playful and happy says Otter. So grab a clam, roll over on your back, and munch away happily with the sun on your face, buoyed in the water of life.




2 thoughts on “Happily Joyous Under The Sun

    • I haven’r read that one. There was a great short story, not sure who wrote it about a man who killed all the beavers in his pond and made himself a beaver coat. Years later he fell out of his boat and drowned wearing the very heavy beaver coat which pulled him down, and as he drowned he felt the beavers had got back at him.

      I love beavers, we have tons around here.

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